cenit o cénit. (Del m. or. que acimut, por error de transcripción de los copistas). 1. m. Astr. Intersección de la vertical de un lugar con la esfera celeste, por encima de la cabeza del observador. Punto mas alto del cielo. 2. m. Punto culminante o momento de apogeo de alguien o algo

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Y si sí...

Y si la vida tuviera mas posibilidades de las que jamas pudiera imaginar?
Y si las cosas resultaran mucho mejor de lo que yo espero?
Y si todos mis sueños si se hace realidad?
Y si el principe azul si llega a mi lado?
Y si la vida me sorprendiera?

Me cuesta el mismo trabajo pensar las mismas preguntas sustituyendo y si si, por y si no...

Por lo menos, voy a averiguar que se siente vivir esa posibilidad.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I'm lovin' it

I have to write this.

At 17:55 hrs., 1st of may 2005, while listening to Justin's Timberlake 'I'm lovin it', I am at room 206 of Villa Florida Hotel in Veracruz, celebrating my first business trip with a banana split, with lots of whipped cream and a cherry on the top. Yahuuuu!!! :) :) :)

Maybe for many, business trips are more than common (like my father) but this is my first, and I am quite excited!

The place is getting quite messy and sticky, but c'mon, I'm celebrating.
(I am the only person I know that prefers to celebrate with ice cream instead of alcohol)

The best news is that they didn't hire me as a graphic designer, but as a photographer!

Funny thing is that I never thought I would do this kind of job. I considered myself pretty amateur.
I confess I was quite afraid, (because I never believed my pics were good enough) but, guess what: I am not bad at all! :D

Of course the camera helps a lot, but that doesn't take away my skills.
I realised (and surprised myself) I know much more I thought I knew.

It was not that I didn't know how to take pictures. It was that I believed I couldn't.

So, (again my despite philosophy) despite I was afraid, and I thought I couldn't,
I took the risk.
And so far, so good.
I proved my belief was false, and I see myself with new eyes. (or should I say with new lens?)

I keep learning and expanding.

I'm lovin' it!