cenit o cénit. (Del m. or. que acimut, por error de transcripción de los copistas). 1. m. Astr. Intersección de la vertical de un lugar con la esfera celeste, por encima de la cabeza del observador. Punto mas alto del cielo. 2. m. Punto culminante o momento de apogeo de alguien o algo

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Today's lesson

Today I received a memorable lesson for life, and it came from a cab driver.

I left my sister’s house at 9.30 am. I had an appointment to have breakfast with a dear friend.
Due to Mexico City’s insecurity, I was not very keen on taking a cab.

Knowing how Law of Attraction works, as soon as I realised I was thinking of fear and insecurity, I redirected my thoughts to having a pleasant and safe journey.

I found my cab.

From the moment I got on it, we started joking.
I asked: How’s work?
I was already expecting the so mexican answer: Rubbish, it’s all the government’s fault.
Instead, the cab driver replied: Let me tell you a saying from my village, Señorita:
“I don’t come to see if I can make it. Because I CAN MAKE IT, I come”

Wow. That is a lesson of attitude.

We continued chatting, until we reached a traffic light.
The contiguous car driver asked him for instructions. My cab driver replied friendly and gently.
Although he was asked to repeat the answer 3 times, he always did it in a happy manner and with a sincere desire to help.

He told me he was from Michoacan, a state in Central Mexico.
He explained all the lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly I was fascinated.

As we went along Insurgentes, he taught me about mayan maths, and how his grandfather advice – “Don’t judge. Instead, try to understand why they do what they do in the way they do it” – had helped him so much.

As a symbol of appreciation, I gave him 50 pesos instead of the 30 of the actual fare.
When I handed in the money, I said: “Take this as a present. This is because you are the kind of people Mexico needs. Because you make a big difference. God bless you”

I received a present today. Not only I had a quick and safe journey. Besides, I learned a great lesson for life and fascinating facts about my favorite animal.

He, on the other hand, received appreciation for his work, and a little extra he didn’t expect.
It was a win-win relationship.

Each time I verify how infallible Law of Attraction is.
What you focus on, it grows.
So if my thoughts and my way of perceiving reality are one of the few things I can control in this world, I decide to focus on the positive aspects of life.
And they will grow, I am sure. :)


  • At 10:14 AM , Anonymous DonRober said...

    No se como empezar a escribir mi comentario sobre lo que escribiste... pero ahí va:
    Esa es la actitud que en mi opinión debemos tener hacia la vida, estoy de acuerdo en que una actitud positiva atrae actitudes positivas a tu vida. Por otro lado los taxistas saben un resto, nomás imagínate con cuanto honorable ciudadano no platican.
    Igual cada día se debe emprender como una nueva campaña en la conquista de la Tierra Media y se debe tener para ello toda la actitud de que uno viene porque puede y no viene uno a ver si puede.
    Y cómo en muchas ocasiones existe alguien que haya dicho ya las cosas mejor que uno, citaré a Mano Negra:

    "A mi no me chinga bato
    Ni me fornica bartolo
    A mi no me asusta el gringo
    El que me busca
    Se le acabo: ya llego Super Chango
    Las calaveras me pelan los dientes
    Y me rio de la serpiente
    Ni padre ni madre
    Ni perro que me ladre
    Como me la pintan la borro
    Como me la pongan la brinco
    Super Chango!
    Batman, Superman, echa pa fuera
    Echa pa fuera
    Ya llego Super Chango!!
    Tumba los tambores
    Por el monte
    Por la selva
    Por la plaza mayor
    Tumba tumba la tongolélé! ya llego Super Chango!
    Adivino y curandero, buen amigo y mujeriego, soy del fuego
    Y del trueno, soy del barrio y guerrero
    Ya llego Super Chango...
    Como me la pintan la borro como me la pongan la brinco,
    Porque puedo vengo, no vengo, no vengo à ver si puedo,
    Ya llego Super Chango,
    Los azulejos los veo de lejos
    Y al gringo se la voy a cobrar"

    Creo que es importante aprender a escuchar, y a veces nos perdemos de buenas cosas por no saber escuchar a los demás.

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