cenit o cénit. (Del m. or. que acimut, por error de transcripción de los copistas). 1. m. Astr. Intersección de la vertical de un lugar con la esfera celeste, por encima de la cabeza del observador. Punto mas alto del cielo. 2. m. Punto culminante o momento de apogeo de alguien o algo

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Thank you very much, indeed

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London, Sunday 13th of march, 2005.

I am writing this on one of my last 3 days in London. The feeling is akward.
I think I don’t even understand what is happening. My place is surrounded by boxes.
I wanted to have a little more light as I write this, but… ehm… the lamp has been given away.
I wanted to wear another jumper, but… it’s packed.
Making it brief, my life now is contained in 2 suitcases and one box. And well, the eternal dilemma of the duvet. Should I take it or not?

I came to Europe for 6 months. The plan was to study photography 6 months in Italy, and I ended living in London for nearly 2 years. If someone had told me that this would happen in my life, I had taken him to the local menthal health center, and leave laughing hystercally.

I came here without knowing anyone. Now it is hard to leave because I know so many.
The first thing I heard in London was Victoria’s “Mind the Gap”. The last things I heard on leaving, were I love yous.

London taught me so many things. But I think the most important one was to teach me to be free. Free of everything. Of limitations, of getting attached to material things, of fulfilling somebody elses expectations. Free of labels, and roles. Free of the so mexican “What will people say?”. Free to become the person I always wanted to be.

I faced situations, places, people and experiences that made me discover a whole new dimension of myself. I realised my true potential, achieving things I never dreamed of.
Besides my own very deep personal process, many people contributed to my journey.
I always have believed people are the most important thing. The rest, are circumstances. Scenarios.
What trascends, are the memories, and the feelings.

Thanks to all of you my beloved friends, London is the most fulfilling, enriching, loving experience I ever had in my life.
Thanks to you, this trip was worth every single day of it.

Thanks for being my best friend. For you love and support when I needed it the most. Thanks for trusting me. For not having expectations I should fulfill. As I told you, you are the healthiest friendship I ever had.

Ben: All my life I missed the presence of a male figure to guide me and someone I could talk to. Not anymore thanks to you. My life is now before and after Ben Thaddeus. You gave me so much pampering, support, and pure love. But most of all, you taught me I deserve all of this. I love you with all my heart.

Laura: Thanks for all your love and friendship. For the moments and experiences shared. You became my 4th sister. I will never forget you took me to the hospital, and looked after me in my worst moments. There will be no other joni like you.

Vucko: Thanks because you taught me straight forward honesty is the best you can offer someone. Because with humor and croatian breakfasts you transformed in friendship the most akward of the situations.

Zoila: You taught me one of the things that rule my life nowadays: You can ALWAYS have a good time. Wherever. Whenever. Te quiero.

To the Whitehead family: Thanks for my two familiar and cozy xmas spent here. I will never forget your kindness, and I am so grateful you shared your love with me.

Javier: Thanks for all the geek-mac and latinamerican issues and Starbucks (yum!) coffees shared. Pizza menus and crazy iranians would have been deastating if you were not with me.

Carlos: Thanks for the coffees, the laughter, and most of all, of sharing my beliefs.
It is so nice having someone to share my conversations of the 4th dimension.
The Universe brought us together at the perfect place, in the perfect moment. As always…

Humanitys Team London: Thanks because of you, I realised my mission on life.

Marco: Thanks for all your help, and the courage to follow your dreams. We were great company in the period of life we shared.

And last, but not least, to my best friend of all. The one that was, always there. The one who heard aaaaaaallllll my complains and mournings. The martir who always listened to all of my jokes, no matter how BAD they could get. The one that always replied, even if I didn’t want to listen. The one who gave me the strenght, the joy, and most of all, the love to keep going for my dreams: God, I love yuuu.

Thanks to each one of you, because every little piece of yourselves is a part of me now, and made me become the person I always wanted to be: The 100% purest version of Alejandra I am today.

With all my love and deepest gratitude,



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